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The Trump enablers have settled on their line of attack against decorated veteran Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who is testifying before the House about what he heard on Trump’s infamous Ukraine call. His planned opening statement can be read here.

The hysteria has reached a fever pitch among GOP mouthpieces. You may recall that they originally claimed that The Whistleblower’s (yes, I’m still using caps because he is in fact a superhero and Trump is his arch-nemesis) testimony was hearsay. Confronted with an actual witness to the call, they’ve had to recalibrate their smear tactics.


Today’s plan apparently calls for discrediting the Purple Heart recipient based on the fact he was born in Ukraine. Yes, their brilliant strategy is that Vindman is ... not from around here.

It’s even more idiotic (and that’s hard, let’s be real) when you realize Vindman was the acknowledged expert on Ukraine because of his deep familiarity with the country. Apparently, in the Trump Administration, competence and subject matter knowledge is considered deeply suspicious. Which ... explains a lot, actually.

You can read the round-up on Axios. I’d summarize, but repeating the shit these jackals are promulgating kind of makes me throw up in my mouth.

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